White paper: Why nesting efficiency is only part of the story.

Efficient nesting is highly important in composite manufacturing, especially when working with high cost prepreg carbon fibre materials that can easily cost upwards of $100 per square metre. However, is this the only metric we should consider? While an efficient layout delivers a saving on material cost, composite manufacturers have another dimension to consider—the time taken by an operator to unload the spread-out plies from the cutting table before they move on to layup.

Picture courtesy of the Innoptus Solar Car Team - a JETCAM user


What you'll learn

  • The economic importance of efficient nesting, and how it can pay for itself in months or even weeks.
  • Static nesting versus Dynamic Nesting - the balance between efficiency and flexibility
  • Progressive nesting - balancing efficiency with operator convenience
  • Hybrid progressive nesting - the best of both world, allowing a sliding scale between efficiency and ease of unloading
  • How different nesting strategies compare, with a real-world example of material consumption per strategy
  • Sharing nesting data with other systems

Nesting strategies

See how different nesting strategies can deliver a balance between highly efficient nests and faster unloading/sorting on the shop floor.
Ultra Performance Nesting (UPN) Interpenetration Part Distance-nest

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